Sunday, May 9, 2010

Make your own jewelry

Accessories can leave a big whole in your wallet. But instead of splurging on this seasons new "it" accessories you can make your own using some of last seasons jewelry or items that you don't wear anymore. Just by re-stringing an old necklace you can create a new look for free! It is a fun way to revamp whats in your jewelry box and you can do it with friends even. My mom and I have a great time creating unique necklaces and bracelets together from stuff we have around the house and in our jewelry boxes. Here is an example of a Vintage silver and rhinestone chain necklace that was made from old jewelry created by Lulu Frost. It was made from old jewelry that was re-strung and made into a hot new accessory. It goes for $800 but you can make your own using your old jewelry at home.

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