Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fall 2008 House of Organic fashion show

The picture you see as the introduction of my blog is from the"House of Organic" Fall 2008 collection presented by Johanna Hofring the creator of Ekovaruhuset. This show was a collection of many different designers such as Ashley Helvey, Kaori Yamazaki, Desiree Hammen, Melissa Kirgan, to name a few. I looked through this collection and loved all of the clothes. Even though it is from last season this particular show demonstrates how eco fashion can be fashion forward and economically friendly at the same time. One of my favorite looks was the one I posted above created by Anja Hyneynen, a Swedish designer. I love this dress it is so chic and has a light airy feel great for the summer. You can find many more of her styles in one of the Ekovaruhuset boutiques.

Here is the website if you wish to check out more they have a lot of great stuff and fashion ideas!

Ethical Clothing Choices

Looking around my room I am noticing all of my clothing, it seems unhealthy. But like most females who are into fashion and dressing up this seems to justify my non controllable shopping sprees and excessive amounts of clothing piling up in my drawers and cramming my closet. Taking a closer look at my clothes I notice most are made with synthetic fibers and non organic fabrics. I am surprised and saddened by this. I have contributed in a small way to all the pollution and environmental problems our country is now having just by not buying sustainable clothing. Just think of all of the millions of girl just like me who have the same amount of clothing as I do. Think of all the plastic shopping bags from the many shopping trips they have taken and the chemicals used to create their clothing. This alone has had such an impact on our planet. By making ethical choices in our fashion we can help save our environment.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shopping Trip to Forever 21

Green is slowing becoming the new black. Many big companies are jumping on the "going green" band wagon and making positive changes to help save our environment a little at a time. I went to the mall the other day and was happily surprised when at the register at Forever21 the sales associate asked if I would like to pay an extra dollar for a tote instead of their generic plastic bag. They had 2 or 3 different totes that you could choose from like the one that is shown above. I think totes that can be reused is a great idea for companies to do, grocery stores are doing it so why not retail? The bags can be reused and it will help eliminate some of the plastic that is being thrown away and ending up in landfills.


If you are wondering what exactly eco-clothing is I will tell you. It is clothing made from either organic materials or recycled goods. Now a days fabric can be created from organic cotton, bamboo, banana fiber, hemp, indigo,wool and even bottle tops and aluminum cans to name a few. Organic fabric means that the plant or fiber used in creating a fabric did not use any chemicals or pesticides in the process of transforming it into the fabric. Besides from plants and animals recycled fabric can be made from almost anything. A popular fashion trend using recycled materials is in jewelry, designers use either old jewelry or scraps of fabric to create a new modern piece of jewelry. There are millions of trends being created in environmentally friendly ways that you don't need to look like you went searching through the trash to find your outfit.